Final Final Release : Full Version 0.99 (10/2014)

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Final Final Release : Full Version 0.99 (10/2014) Empty Final Final Release : Full Version 0.99 (10/2014)

Post  esperknight on Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:43 pm

I apologize for the delay for this.  It's completely my fault as I kept forgetting.  I've put together a (hopefully) 99% version of Generation Xth: Code Hazard.  The only thing I'm aware of not translated is the default team names (one day I'll find them...).  Everything else should be working. So consider this still a beta release.

Due to real life stuff on both sides, some work was lost which is why we're not completely sure this game is beatable.  I'm 95% sure though Smile  So please report any bugs here (I'll try to remember to check back here) or feel free to email me at esperknight at yahoo.  Or PM me as well (which should message me... I think...)

Also, this is for the NON plus version. So the regular edition. I have no idea if this works with the plus edition. It may though so feel free to let me know Smile

So yeah... without further ado:

(Note: Adfly links aren't added by us... so if you don't want to use them just copy and pate the below)

Generation Xth: Code Hazard v0.99 INSTALLER patch

Generation Xth: Code Hazard v0.99 JUST THE FILES patch



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