What's your team?

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What's your team? Empty What's your team?

Post  Fayt-Eden on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:02 pm

I'm sure that everyone is enjoying the demo! But we all have different taste in classes so I was wondering...what's everyone's team?
Mine consists of:
Neutral-Warrior (Ushiwaka B01)
Good- Paladin (Siegfried B13)
Neutral- Ninja (Kamui B16)
Good- Cleric (Angel B06)
Neutral- Scholar (Moses B07)
Neutral- Mage (Amaterasu B04)

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What's your team? Empty Re: What's your team?

Post  shram on Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:52 pm

Hey! A thread! Very Happy

My first party was the default party, of course. Samurai, Warrior, Cleric, Paladin, Scholar, Mage. Warriors are so versatile with equipment and the Rush skill is really helpful. I replaced the Samurai and Warrior with a Ninja (which are awesome) and Summoner for the second game.

I'm going to replay Code Hazard soon to read through the translation and pick apart the bad parts. I think I'll try it with a Monk and Archer, but we'll see Smile

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What's your team? Empty Re: What's your team?

Post  Zetor on Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:32 am

My team is
  • Paladin: reliable beater of faces, absorber of hits, and (usually out-of-combat) healer. Multiclassed him into a level 1 mage at the start (he has mostly balanced stats) so I can throw debuffs at way-too-high-level monsters instead of hitting them for 1 damage, but this probably wasn't as useful as I thought it'd be.
  • Archer: my best damager, and she can hit enemies at L range, which is sweet. I routinely pick off second/third-row monsters while the two meleers keep the front row busy. Also has good armor/hp, so being on the frontline isn't a problem.
  • Samurai: I always use a samurai in Wizardry games due to all the funky special gear they get. She isn't really doing awesome things yet, but I'll hold off on judging until I see those high-level "attack entire row" abilities.
  • Mage: MVP (along with the archer) when fighting angry robot zombie things, since attack spells hit for eleventy billion damage. Multiclassed him into 1 level of cleric for more healing power and the ability to do stuff even when mage spells run out.
  • Cleric: Healing is obviously important, but second-level cleric spells aren't that inspiring. I'm definitely keeping her for the "mana battery" abilities she gets later (regenerate MP while walking, switch MP with other character), though.
  • Scholar: This guy is completely indispensable for dealing with traps, opening doors, etc. The PSI spells aren't that useful except for auto-escaping tough random encounters, but he uses an 'EXE' weapon that has a very high chance of applying the fear effect to enemies for free (I already have another EXE in the databank that will apply insanity). Was also trivial to multiclass him into a level 1 mage so he'd get some useful attack spells.

I haven't done (nor am I planning to do) serious multiclassing, only switched classes to pick up a few more level1 spells. Everyone is 'good' alignment because I'm boring. Also, this will probably make improving Unity really easy. Razz

I'm not sure which characters I'll replace / switch with a summoner in the second game... right now it looks like Samurai.

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What's your team? Empty Re: What's your team?

Post  taubu on Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:10 am




archer (need the long range damage)



I always find it useful to level up a class which interacts with the environment well also. It's always good to be able to disarm traps and find hidden treasure.


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What's your team? Empty Re: What's your team?

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